Welcome to Jubilee Birth Services!

Behind the name

Jubilee is a hebrew word meaning joy and celebration.

I see the bringing forth of new life as just that! I want to help mothers to have a birth experience that is full of joy, celebration, and love!  

What is a doula anyway?

Doula is a greek word meaning woman’s helper.

A  Labor Doula is a woman trained to support women mentally, physically, and by providing information throughout her pregnancy and birth. 

A Postpartum Doula is a woman likewise trained to offer postpartum support, which may include doing basic house-hold chores to keep things from getting over-whelming, and providing a safe place to share concerns and ask questions.

Why hire a doula?

Women who have a doula have shown up to a 50% reduction in chance of unplanned c-section, as well as 25% shorter labors over all. They have also experienced a 60% reduction in epidurals, 30% drop in analgesia use, and a 40% reduction in forceps delivery.

Doulas and Dads

A doula should never take the place of the partner, I encourage partners to be as involved as the couple wants. My job is to provide support for both of you so that you can have a birth customized to your needs and wishes. Although I work specifically to support the mother, I like to do my best to make sure dad is well hydrated and gets enough rest so he can be present and supportive. I will show dads how to help mama by holding her during a contraction or pressing on a pain relieving pressure point or calmly breathing with mama and reminding her to look into his eyes for assurance. As a dad, doula team, mothers can receive continuous and loving support with me jumping  when when needed and stepping back when the situation calls for a intimate moment between mother and father.